Wedding Day Conversations

My favorite part of wedding photography is the bond I form with my clients. While the photographs I create are timeless for them, the conversations we share are timeless for me. 

I have talked brides through their pre-wedding jitters as they waited to be walked down the aisle- I am always humbled that they look to me for a hand to hold when they are nervous. Couples have shared their "how-we-met" stories- and the "how-they-proposed" synopsis. I am reminded on a daily basis about how love is formed and how it grows. Parents show me baby photos of their bride-to-be. Groomsmen tell me jokes while we ride together in the limo.  

Sometimes, conversations are brief. Maybe, it's just chatting with a groom about his hobbies to take his mind off of his nerves. Other times, it's laughing with the bridesmaids about a silly selfie. These moments may seem fleeting, but some of my most fond memories come from my clients' willingness to invite me into their lives- even if just for a day. 

No matter what the style of the wedding is, they all have one thing in common: We come as strangers, but we leave as friends.