Working Through Roadblocks

This week has been really rough for a lot of people- including myself. No matter what side you are on, the tension and division of this election has taken a toll on everyone. As someone who likes to keep things light and positive, it was sobering to see friends and family divided in their opinions. 

Despite it being hard to feel creative, Trish and I decided to collaborate on a shoot this week. When brainstorming concepts, I quickly decided that this was a great chance for us to let go and laugh. (I was finally able to break out my cheesy photographer jokes). It was a great reminder that the best thing I can do when I am at a roadblock is to use my work as an outlet, not as a barrier. I feel refreshed and excited after sharing some laughs and exploring the city a bit more.

While it is cliche, sometimes, laugher is the best medicine. In this case, it brought back my creativity and reminded me about my goal as a photographer: to bring joy to others.